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This Website is intended to be a valuable tool of COMMUNICATION with the Prophets throughout the realm.

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What the Ohio Grotto Association does for the Grotto

1) The Association meetings are to bring the Grottoes in the area together for fun and fellowship. It's a gathering of Grottoes to meet new friends and see our old friends. It is where we can bring our Ladies, Sweethearts, and families to have fun and not worry about problems with non Masons. This is what the Grotto is all about. Like it or not the Grotto is a party group.

We also have a business side. The Stated Association meeting is where the elected officers of each Grotto in the Association should air problems and see what can be done about them. It is a chance for each Monarch, Chief Justice and Master of Ceremonies to bring their schedules and share with the rest of the Grottoes to see if there are any conflicts.

The President of the Association should give assignments to his officers for visitations based on the information given to him by the various Grottoes in the Association. Just remember, the Association can't make by-laws that affect a Grotto, only the Grotto can do that with the approval of the Juris & Laws Committee of the Supreme Council.

2) The associations are a way to communicate between the 22 grottoes by word of mouth, the web site, and the communicator. The OGA web site has a calendar where all member Grottoes can post their various functions. The communicator is available on the web site or through the mail. This is sent to each secretary.

3) There are three gatherings a year, A February meeting, A May meeting and the convention in August. This is a way for our member grottoes to meet each other. I have made a lot of friends by attending these functions.

What do you think the Ohio Grotto Association should be doing for you?

The Ohio Grotto Association (OGA) had its first state convention in the year 1924. Although much of the early history appears to have been lost, it flourishes today. The association consists of all Grottoes in Ohio and several in the surrounding states, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky.

The purpose of the association is to coordinate the various activities of the member Grottoes and to encourage visitation from one Grotto to the others. Also to supply communication to all the Grottoes in the realm to help bring them closer together.

Each year members attend two one-day zone conferences. The first Saturday in February and the first Saturday in May as well as a four-day state convention which may be called at any time. Usually in August. The location of the zone and state convention varies from year to year. Usually the Grotto that holds the second Zone Conference in May is where the State Convention will be held.

We wear the black fez with the red tassel and use the symbol of the head of an ancient Persian ruler picked only for their appeal in the early 1900's. There is no connection to any religious or political groups in existence today.

Grotto History, M.O.V.P.E.R.

The Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm, whose subordinate bodies are the Grottoes, is an organization by and for Master Masons. While in no way connected with Masonry proper, its membership is restricted absolutely and exclusively to Master Masons in good standing. Although it is primarily an organization for good wholesome fun and frolic, it also has its serious side. Its slogan is GOOD FELLOWSHIP, and in contact with our fellowman, this principle is exemplified to a marked degree.

For some years prior to 1889, several members of Hamilton Lodge N0. 120, F.& A.M., at Hamilton, New York, sought relaxation from the sterner duties of life by holding occasional informal meetings for fun and good fellowship. The chief spirit in the fun was LeRoy Fairchild, and in the summer of 1889, he and a devoted band of followers discovered the Enchanted Realm in which, upon entering with song and laughter, they and their successors have found a rich heritage. The first meeting of this organization was held on the 10th day of September, 1889. It was decided at this meeting that the membership of the organization should be confined to Master Masons in good standing.

The idea of the Order proved immediately attractive. Many distinguished Masons entered the Enchanted Realm and returned pleased and charmed by its brilliancy. The Order could no longer be confined to one locality and in response to imperative requests that were not to be denied, on the 13th of June, 1890, the "F.D.C." duly founded and established the Supreme Council of the Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm.

It is a social organization for the Master Mason and all such are welcome to our Enchanted Realm. It encourages renewed interest in the Blue Lodge Field, its activities and attendance. While it is not and makes no claim to be a part of Symbolic Craft Masonry, we ever bear in mind that our membership is composed entirely of Master Masons.

The ritual is original and unique. The spectacular ceremonial requires a cast of thirty (30) or more and offers unlimited opportunities in stage activities and stunt performance. Its proper rendition requires a large stage, elaborate costumes, and stage settings. It is mysterious, startling and spectacular with a Persian atmosphere. While pervaded with a spirit of wholesome fun, it teaches a serious lesson which lingers with the initiate, instilling in him a spirit of optimism, a kindly feeling for his brother man, and an impression of GOOD FELLOWSHIP, which is something devoutly to be desired.

That the Grotto occupies a legitimate place and is doing wonderful work cannot be denied. It extends the hand of Good Fellowship to all Master Masons, having a smile for all and a frown for none.

Charitable Works of the Grotto

The Grottoes of North America is a Masonic affiliated body that has been in existence since the late 1880's. Since the late 1940's we have been helping children who suffer from the devastating effects of Cerebral Palsy. In the process of serving cerebral palsy children it became evident that there was a significant need in the special needs community for assistance with pediatric dental care.

In 1970 we adopted Special Needs Dentistry as an additional charitable project. Currently we work through clinics and local doctors to care for the dentistry needs of children who suffer from a wide variety of developmental and physical disabilities.

In 2000 we expanded our program once again to assist pediatric organ transplant patients, ensuring that their mouths are cavity and infection free prior to surgery. Children must be pre-qualified for coverage prior to treatment. Please visit our Supreme Council Website at www.scgrotto.com for additional information regarding covered conditions.

If you know of a child who's family could use our assistance in covering the cost of their dental care; or it you would like more information regarding how to join a Grotto in Ohio (or an other state) please feel free to send an Email to the mail box on the front page or give me a call @ 440-946-2334.

The Grotto - Why and What it is:

M.O.V.P.E.R. - Mystic Order of Veiled Prophets of the Enchanted Realm

Mystic------Expressing a sense comprehensible only to those of high intelligence.
Order-------A rank, grade, or class of community or society.
Veiled-------Enveloped, invested, enshrouded, hidden.
Prophets----Foretelling future events, predictors, foretellers.
Enchanted--Under a magical quality, delighted in a high degree.
Realm------Royal jurisdiction, or extent of government.

These are the definitions given the words of our Order.

Past Presidents of the OGA

Year Name Grotto
1925 John Cox * Al Sirat
1926 John Cox * Al Sirat
1927 Harry Apple* Achbar
1928 Dr. W. Sterling* Al Sirat
1929 George Hoffman* O Ton Ta La
1930 Amos Englebeck* Yusef Khan
1931 Scott Krauss* Achbar
1932 Carl Shaner* Aut Mori
1933 Dwight Elder* Nazir
1934 Ralph Garvin* Al Sirat
1935 Thomas Fox* Oola Khan
1936 Lou McFarland* Yusef Khan
1937 Arthur Hughes* Baku
1938 Frank Jones* Aut Mori - PGM
1939 Robert Vaughn* Nazir
1940 Charles Johnson* Al Sirat
1941 Edwin Gundlach* Singara
1942 Henry Stemm* Amrou
1943 Lester Renner* Yusef Khan
1944 Charles Sawtelle* Tibris
1945 John Creamer* El Kadir
1946 George Hoffman* Al Sirat - PGM
1947 Gomer Evans* Aut Mori
1948 Paul Williams* Nazir
1949 LaVerne Cook* Erepa
1950 William Souter* Singara
1951 Earl Nietert* Khana Shahar
1952 Arthur Snyder* Yusef Khan
1953 Jacob Chambers* Oola Khan
1954 Henry Jones* Aut Mori
1955 John Birmingham* O Ton Ta La
1956 Thomas Martin* Achbar
1957 Wilbur Jamison* Baku
1958 Leslie Jones* Nazir
1959 Frank Combs* Al Sirat
1960 Norman Clark* Erepa
1961 Frank Heusser* El Rey
1962 Frank Siple* El Karan
1963 Emil Wermer* Oola Khan
1964 Albert Burden* Ormus
1965 James Tarson* Yusef Khan
1966 W. Jack Davies* Aut Mori
1967 W. O. Moreland* Erepa
1968 Max Graf* Achbar
1969 Howard Bodeker* Al Sirat - PGM
1970 Don Hanson* O Ton Ta La
1971 Arthur Leutz* El Rey
1972 John F. Allen* Ali Baba
1973 Marl T. Linville* Oola Khan
1974 James R. Kalkman* Nazir
1975 Richard Wentz* Baku
1976 Rodney Chisholm* Aut Mori
1977 Lyle King* El Kadir
1978 Bernard Mitchell Amrou - PGM
1979 Jay Moore* Singara
1980 Don Mac Learie* Yusef Khan
1981 O. C. Barnard* Kismet
1982 Carroll Wooster Ali Baba
1983 Charles Weiser* Teheran
1984 Frank DeNayer* Nazir
1985 Harry Hanstine Kismet - OGA & PGA
1986 Noel E. Foor* Teheran
1987 Harold Martin* Kishmee
1988 Ron L. Pross* O Ton Ta La
1989 Jared Murphy* Ali Baba
1990 William Moerch Achbar
1991 Phillip Engle* El Karan
1992 William Gordon* Teheran
1993 Robert McMasters* Kam Ram - PGM
1994 Donald Clark Kismet
1995 Ron Malone* El Tor
1996 Ted Guinaugh* Ali Baba
1997 Robert Gabbard* Oola Khan
1998 Clarence Shawver Aut Mori - PGM
1999 Richard Krabill Nazir
2000 James Young* Oola Khan
2001 LeRoy Hutchinson El Kadir
2002 William Sizemore Yusef Khan
2003 Jerry Burns* Ben Bey
2004 Mark McCombs Singara
2005 Timothy Brooks Khana Shahar
2006 Stephen Nelson Caliph
2007 David McIntyre Yuseh Khan
2008 Thomas Richards Caliph
2009 Lynn Miller Achbar
2010 Max Pokorski Islam
2011 Woody Sibley Ben Bey
2012 Michael Tomascin Islam
2013 Larry Budd* Islam
2014 David Chambers Achbar
2015 Bruce Seaburn Baku
2016 William Fisher Kishmee
2017 Joshua Anderson O-Ton-Ta-La
2018 Thomas Bevington Oola Khna
2019 Ken Riley Ali Baba
* = Deceased