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Deputy Pres. Message

A message from Deputy President Josh Anderson

May 18, 2016

Greetings to all Prophets, Ladies, and friends.

First, last weekend's OGA May Zone Conference was a great time. Kishmee Grotto did an excellent job. A good hotel and good entertainment made for a memorable weekend of Grotto fun.

As the summer begins the OGA is looking towards the August Convention. The first itinerary for the August Convention was passed out at the Zone Conference. I encourage everyone to do their best to attend this years convention. We are going to finish up this year on a high note and kick off another great one.

Have you ever considered what your Grotto has to offer its members or to prospective members? Over the summer I challenge every Monarch, every officer, and every Prophet to come up with one or two ways you can improve the value of your Grotto.

See you in August.

Josh Anderson, PM
OGA Deputy President

Previous Messages

February 29, 2016

Greetings and Happy Grottoing to All.

The past several years have been wonderfully experiences for me with the OGA, and I want to invite you to be a part of it. There is a strong desires in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Kentucky to see the Grottoes grow, and the OGA wants to be of assistance when possible with this growth.

Plans are in the work to announce the hotel and registration information for the 2017 OGA year by this coming August. I want to ensure that as much information is out there as far in advance as possible. As of this writing I can give the following information with certainty.

  • February 3-4, 2017, Feb. Zone Conference, to be hosted by Khana Shahar
  • May 5-6, 2017, May Zone Conference, hosted by O-Ton-Ta-La, Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg
  • August 17-19, 2017, OGA Convention, hosted by O-Ton-Ta-La, Holiday Inn French Quarter in Perrysburg

As a part of the OGA Convention, O-Ton-Ta-La will be hosting what is being called the first "Leprechaun Convention". This will be an event based on the Leprechaun Degree that I created, but will be bigger and filled with more activities and toasts than ever before.

Finally, please reach out to me if you have a suggestion for a topic to be discussed at an OGA meeting. In the past I have given presentations on several subjects including: membership recruitment, planning for the Grotto future, and recognizing the roles people fill in your Grotto. But, if you have an idea for something that you would like to present or have be a topic of discussion let us know. The OGA meetings are meant to be a resource for learning and supporting our Grottoes.

And last but not least, check out the OGA website at www.OhioGrotto.com it has a calendar that all of our Grottoes may use, as well as copies of several of the programs and resources that the OGA has had presented at meetings over the past few years.

Josh Anderson PM
Deputy President OGA

November 3, 2015

The smell of fresh mowed grass, the crack of the bat, and the cheers of the crowd all help to make a trip to the ballfield enjoyable. Just as with the OGA, the warm welcomes from friends, the laughter and jokes around the state, and the memories we have yet to create make the Ohio Grotto Association something extremely enjoyable.

As the year rolls forward I have two goals for the year that I want to strive for as much as possible. The first is to encourage everyone to help make our Presidentís year a successful one. And the second goal is to get as much information out as possible for my year as president before the August convention.

Gator has set a theme of having fun in the Grotto this year. That is a theme that I think we can all embrace. But, to push this theme we need to help Gator. This we can do by attending local Grotto and OGA events, by talking about the good times we have at these events with other Master Masons, and by embracing the sympathy and good fellowship of our fraternity and letting it shine through.

As of this writing I have locked down several details for the OGA 2017 Zone meetings and Convention. Details are being posted to the calendar as they are firmed up, and registration information and everything else you may need to know will be posted on the OGA 2017 page.

Thank you for allowing me to serve in the OGA line, I am excited to help Gator this year and am looking forward to having FUN!!

Josh A., PM, SCDD
OGA Deputy President

Duties of Dep. President

  • In case of the death, absence or inability of the President or vacancy in his office, the Deputy President shall assume his prerogatives, powers and duties for all purposes.
  • Budget
    • Prepare
    • Read in July in conjunction with Officers' and Past Presidents' Picnic.
  • Finance and Audit
    • Co-ordinate with President
      • General review of bank statements and ledgers
      • Co-ordinate with Board of Governors and C.P.A. year audit and audit of books.
  • Time and Place for Convention and Zone Conferences.
    • Announce at February and May Zone Conferences
    • Announce at Annual Convention Meeting.
  • Association Meeting and Annual Convention
    • Assist President in setting up.
  • Supreme Council Convention Caucus room.
    • Assist the President
    • Propound question to the candidates
  • Past President's Jewel
    • Co-ordinate with the Association Secretary/Treasurer
      • Ordering
      • Present to outgoing President at Convention.