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What the Ohio Grotto Association does to help the Grotto

1) The Association meetings bring together the Grottoes of the area for fun and fellowship. It is a place for Grottoes from all walks of life to get together and make new friends. It’s where our Sweethearts, Ladies, and Families can have fun without worrying about non Masonic issues. This is the Grotto. The Grotto is a party-oriented group, whether you like it or not.

There is also a business aspect. The Stated Association meeting allows elected officers from each Grotto to discuss problems and find solutions. This is an opportunity for each Monarch and Chief Justice, as well as Master of Ceremonies, to share their schedules with the rest of Grottoes in order to determine if there are conflicts.

Based on information provided by Grottoes, the President of the Association should assign his officers visits based on that information. Remember that the Association cannot make by-laws that will affect a Grotto. Only the Grotto can do this with the approval from the Juris & laws Committee of the Supreme Council.

2) The associations allow for communication between the 22 Grottoes through word of mouth, the web-site, and the communicator. All member Grottoes have the ability to post their functions on the OGA website. You can reach the communicator via the internet or by mail. This is sent to every secretary.

Three gatherings are held each year: A February meeting, a May meeting, and an August convention. This is a chance for members of the grotto to get together. These functions have helped me make many friends.

What would you like the Ohio Grotto Association to do for you?

In 1924, the Ohio Grotto Association (OGA), held its first state convention. It is still thriving today, even though much of its early history seems to have been lost. This association includes all Grottoes from Ohio, as well as several others in surrounding states such Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, and West Virginia.

The association’s purpose is to coordinate activities among member Grottoes, and encourage visitoration between Grottoes. To facilitate communication among all Grottoes within the realm, and to bring them closer together.

Members attend two one-day zones conferences each year. There are two one-day zone conferences in February and May. A four-day state convention may also be held at any time. Usually, August. Each year, the location of the state convention and zone varies. The State Convention is usually held in the Grotto which hosts the Zone Conference in May.

The black fez is worn with the red tassel. We also use the symbol of an ancient Persian ruler, which was chosen only for their appeal in early 1900’s. It is not connected to any political or religious group.